October 8, 2019

The initial reasoning behind wind farms is usually cited as being a stable, CO2 free & cost effective alternative to carbon based forms of energy. All these agendas have been refuted by scientists and academics alike in the the first part of this report. Here we take a deeper look at the monstrosity of wind energy & their eye sore constructions.

One noteworthy un feature of wind energy is the the clear difference in the quality of energy produced as compared to other conventional sources of electricity. This is in regards to technical performance factors associated with energy production for electricity such as voltage transients, variations, waveform distortion and the like.


A key grid expectation from all our current electricity is the indication of dependability, for instance, can we be sure we will have electricity at 1000 HRS? The dependability form nuclear generated electricity is a clear 100% but form wind energy 0%. 

 No wind. No energy.


The issue then is that wind energy introduces far more voltage inconsistencies than alternative energy forms resulting in additional costs required to mitigate them. More than this is the glaring paradox that the use of wind energy places an enormous dependency on fossil fuels (2) thereby making it rather good business sense for the fossil fuel industry to invest in wind energy.


A critical dive into the cost benefit analysis simply takes apart the justification for wind energy. The true environmental impacts on rare earth, human health, birds & wildlife should be damning enough.  


Perhaps catching wind of this, most wind developers sell their wares onto more rural communities who are far less likely to be informed on the true cost of hosting wind farms in their back yards. 


One of the least reported yet most important liabilities from wind energy is the detrimental impact on proximate residents. 

The primary cause of the negative health impact comes from the continuous infrasound (which is below our level of hearing) generated by the turbines(3).


Further analysis into the financial woes brought to us by wind energy are  detailed in this study (1). Not surprisingly, the cost benefit analysis of wind energy quite literally always yields a negative result. 


A greater reason yet to wipe out wind farming altogether is the awful environmental impact from having to construct just one turbine. These constructions use a disturbing amount of rare earth elements, as much as 2000+ pounds per MW (4). The acquisition of these elements alone is an environmental disaster (5).


Consider that the typical mining of rare earths for a 100 MW wind project would generate near enough the following damage:  

Destroy 20,000 square meters of vegetation, 

Produce 2 million pounds of CO2,

Pollute 6 million cubic meters of toxic air,

29 million gallons of poisoned water,

The production of 280,000 pounds of radioactive waste. (6,7,8) (See thisthis, and this.)


Really given the tax  wind energy places on the electric grid, taxpayers, proximate residents, and the environment, its quite difficult to understand why it has been promoted at all .The sunk cost of this poor experiment only gets larger and more exorbitant with every passing ignorance of the true cost benefit analysis. 


Perhaps if proponents of wind energy were required to prove the merits of their claims BEFORE forcing wash out wind energy  on the public investment, we would see a far fewer wind constructions blighting our horizon. 




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