September 8, 2019

Wind farms have largely been championed as the solution for the future and the lesser evil to our current carbon heavy energy options. Quite aside from the ghastly structures required from their construction, wind farms create considerable  degradation of human & non-human natural environments. 


Wind energy is almost always promoted  by the woke middle classes, just so long as the wind farms are not in their own back yards. These farms create a droning hum of electric currents and turbine grinding gears effectively drawing out the sounds of nature such as birds. Add to this the constant  shadow flicker from the turbines makes life for the local residents really quite unpleasant. 


Highlighting the lack of economic value added from wind farms is this study (1). In this study, wind turbines constructed inside of a 4,000 meter radius are shown to have a considerably adverse effect on residents’ quality of life. Also demonstrated by this study is the rather inconvenient truth that the presence of wind turbines reduce  property values up to  a  distance of 3 km. This same study conducted on offshore and on shore wind  turbines in Denmark clarifies this by stating “We find that on-shore wind turbines negatively affect the price of surrounding properties to a distance of three kilometres. The negative impact increases with the number of wind turbines at a declining marginal rate but declines with distance.”  


Wind as a source of energy was discarded for commercial applications over a hundred years ago, and for good reason too.  A new idea it most certainly is not. In fact the original challenges which led to wind energy being abandoned in the last centuries have yet to be addressed in our current climate. Wind energy simply cannot function independently because the lack of any commercially effective manner to store it severely limits its application.  


The renewed interest in this century for wind energy was largely sponsored by the climate hysteria brought to you first by the Algore Business Plan. The lynch mob against Co2 once again set sail, sending lots more hot air our direction & into the investment houses. Wind energy has been re introduced  from the trash heap of energy under the false notion that it does not produce CO2. It does.  


Questionably, studies used to justify the wind industry, specifically with regard to CO2 savings are largely computer models  rather than any real data.   

In addition to this, rather disturbingly and often not mentioned by the virtue signalling groups is the quite inconvenient fact shown by this  MIT study as well as this Harvard study that concluded that wind energy increases regional temperatures more than coal. (2)


What the green washers fail to educate the public about is that wind energy needs to  be  continuously balanced on the grid with a fossil-fuel-generated electricity. This is usually gas. 

Basically, not only can wind energy cannot exist independently on the grid, it cements the need for carbon based fuel options. In light of this, the cost benefit analysis of using wind energy is simply not convincing.  The high cost of wind energy just doesn’t make any sort of economic sense, not for production costs nor for real estate.  


In truth the calculations showing wind energy to be “low cost” almost always fail to take into account the exorbitant government subsidies. A true idea of  the costs involved in wind farming by independent analyses (4) concluded that wind energy, when accurately accounted for, is in fact, a far more expensive option to source energy from than any conventional source. 


Really, even at this first  glance, wind energy ought to be discarded back into the trash heap of energy options. 

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