November 8, 2019

The case for renewable energy production  is cancelled. 

In several studies noted below, the apparent case for green technology just does not stand up against critical analysis. The remarkable failure of green technology  is most notably announced by the brazen fact that driving electric vehicles (which run on electricity generated from coal) produce more greenhouse gas emissions than operating a conventional gasoline vehicle. (1,2).  This too verified in the peer reviewed study by Oron (1).

Quite apart form the fraudulent financial mismanagement, a direct result of green hysteria, the real cause for alarm is the deliberate promotion of wind, hydropower & solar generation facilities on the earth’s most important places for conserving biodiversity. Encouraging green technology at the cost of destroying natural habitats & ecosystems presents a ridiculous proposition.

The drive towards  green technologies is being spearheaded to occur in developing nations in South East Asia & Sub-Saharan Africa,  home to some the most biodiverse regions known to man. 

The large scale impact of this energy transition is an immediate threat to global biodiversity and likely removes the facade of any ‘green’ in the implementation of these technologies. The use of so called “green technologies” may in fact be directly responsible for the destruction of bio diverse ecosystems in protected areas. 


A study by Rehbein et al, (3) lays bare some devastating facts. The land use intensity of renewables energies have had an altogether damning impact on our environment. The study identifies  2,206  operational renewable energy facilities inside key biodiversity areas in conservation zones. It also identifies a further 922 facilities under development in conservation areas. 


At the time of the study, the identified facilities have been degrading  “886 protected areas, 749 key biodiversity areas & 40 distinct wilderness areas.” This alarming encroachment of green technology overlapping on important conservation areas is most evident in Germany, Spain & China.

A further irony of green technologies is the distinct reliance it places on fossil fuels. The astonishing reality of investment in green technology  is in fact good business practice for the fossil fuel industry. By investing in the green movement, the fossil fuel industry affirms yet more income streams & its continued global monopoly on energy resources into the future.  


A study by Ferroni & Hopkirk (4)critically appraises the return on investment from solar photovoltaics . The conclusion dismally cites a net energy loss due to the inconsistent and therefore unreliable availability of solar energy which forces a dependence on continuous backup sources from the fossil fuel industry.  


This clear failing of the use of renewable energy is also evident in wind farms as noted in the study by Marques et al. (5) Having recognised the financial benefits of investing in green technologies then, the fossil fuel industry continues to cement the case for continued use of fossil fuels. 

After all, solar and wind energies generation facilities cannot operate consistently without fossil fuels.




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