August 8, 2019

If climate misinformation has not yet been made apparent to the public, this article ought to raise some worrying concerns. The green washing over the last few decades has gained rather a lot more momentum, not least due to the egregious profits turned out form the ever less believable green credits/ carbon taxes and such like. 

The fear inducing industry of climate change has seen governments the world over spend billions, yes, billions, on programmes which claim to ‘save the forests’. A closer look at this turns up questionable motives. Articulated in considerable detail at www.notrickszone.com, theses funds apparently directed at protecting and encouraging  forestry actually  fund woods based bio energy, which by it s very nature results in more forests being burned down. 

Wood based ‘bio’ energy has in fact the opposite effect of promoting the world’s forests. Burning wood as a bio fuel in liue of coal is as ridiculous as it sounds. It does in fact  accelerate deforestation due to more wood being burned. 

Far from being sustainable, this new avenue breathed into life by climate alarmists also dips into national budgets and directly into taxpayers pockets. 


In addition to this, the abject failure of governments and organisations to audit the basic cost benefit analysis of wood burning is appalling. As noted by fellow journalist, Stephen Leahy, wood burning emissions pose an even worse health risk than coal. Specifically, the tiny resultant particles for wood burning have a far more detrimental impact on lungs and asthma than particles from coal burning. 

The basic economics of wood burning appear to be green washed and heavily subsidised at the highest levels.  Any clear benefit analysis has not been conducted perhaps because it would spotlight an audit of public funds being misused at egregious levels. 


While intra government bodies fail to exert an accountability on this issue we can at least depend on the great investigative journalistic work of the Global Forest Coalition (1). Their report Wood based bio energy – the green lie, they make a number of disturbing observations. Most disturbingly they highlight that over 50% of Europe’s renewable energy comes from burning wood for energy. 


Consider that up to a million hectares of forestry every year would be needed to supply Britain’s wood fired plants. Between Germany & the Netherlands, up to 18 Million tonnes of wood will be burned for this cause. 


The enfolding disaster of wood burning fuel has rather oddly not flagged by national auditors in any country. 

Perhaps they would care to look into the spend on wood burning solutions given the impending global recessions now staring us in the face.



1 – https://globalforestcoalition.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/brazil-case-study.pdf

2 – https://globalforestcoalition.org